The Great Cosmic Conundrum

The Great Cosmic Conundrum

Most people wonder What’s out there. The answer is What’s out there is what’s in You.

What you do not know is how you connect with What’s Out There. Naturally, through You.

Sages, Seers and great minds of yore have always been saying it, and our own pineal gland, situated in our brains, atrophied of it’s true function, that of opening a door to the Cosmos, had once borne testimony to it, a function that has slipped into the zone of irretrievable memory.

Recent discoveries have also brought to the fore the strange powers of the thalamus in the human brain. There is reason enough to believe that the thalamus has mysterious functions that may well enable us to connect with cosmic forces if only we knew how.

There may be yet several other areas too of the human body designed to assist us in tapping universal forces to aid us in acquiring extra-terrestrial knowledge that would ultimately familiarise us with the workings of Time and Space. It is indeed mind-boggling to realise how vast would then be the extent of the range and nature of our achievements!

However, the paradox remains to taunt us—how? How do we form the connection? Even though what is in You should therefore be accessible to You this is not so. The reason is You have two parts— your manifested part and your inner, unmanifested one. The manifested part is connected to your brain, the other to your mind. The two are different— one is concrete and is intelligence, the other is abstract and is intellect.

The mind is What is Out There. The mind exists without conscious knowledge or assistance. It is a state of being. Therefore What is Out There can be realised only by the mind, through intellect.

Realisation is different from understanding , the former being purely a mental experience while the latter is through the brain. However, this very premise itself can be understood only through the brain, with the aid of intelligence.

If we are made of the same stuff as the stars then undoubtedly the same cosmic forces work in and through us. Hence these same forces are in touch with us. However, we have no knowledge of how to work them for our benefit.

The mind is the means, if we only knew how. The mind is the cosmos and the body is the planet. Various clues exist for the working of these forces, one of them being extra sensory perception, and the other intuition. We all have both, in various degrees.

Often, one has the experience of thinking about someone in the next room and the same one coming to one asking if one called her or him. Telepathic experiences are common. These are proofs of powers one has, but there is no knowledge pertaining to the manner in which one may harness them for one’s benefit, or of forming a connection to the Cosmic Powers.

Bridging this seemingly insurmountable abyss is the need of the day.

The answer might lie in what Nature has already provided in our bodies, the pineal gland, for instance, the Third Eye of the Mind, and the thalamus which should both perforce be activated in tandem, to awaken the Deep Consciousness that would enable the “Crossing over” to reach beyond space and time to Infinity.

Rukmini Varma

Rukmini Varma is a leading Indian artist who paints in the classical tradition.