The Great Cosmic Conundrum

Realisation is different from understanding, the former being purely a mental experience while the latter is through the brain. [...]

The Marriage of Lalitamba

A young man, striking in appearance, stood out from the rest. He instantly caught Lalita’s attention. Her heart missed several beats. He, however, w [...]

Mother's irrepressible charm

Kulathu Iyer was taken aback at Princess Lalitamba's charm and disarming air of concern. He fell under the spell of it, like others, and found himself [...]


The people lining Main Street on either side craned their necks, between the horse guards stationed at intervals, striving to catch a glimpse of the t [...]

Dhanvantri Tradition of Healing

Even in modern times , this dhanvantric power has guided many great minds in their remarkable discoveries, both in the field of medicine as well as in [...]

Mind Over Mermaid

The Odyssey of Greek mythology speaks of Ulysses tying himself to the mast of his ship so that he would not be enticed by the song of the sirens of th [...]