Mayur Sandesam

Mayur Sandesam is the artist’s tribute to Kerala Varma Valiya Koil Tampuran or popularly referred to as Kerala Kalidasa. [...]

The Great Cosmic Conundrum

Realisation is different from understanding, the former being purely a mental experience while the latter is through the brain. [...]

The Marriage of Lalitamba

A young man, striking in appearance, stood out from the rest. He instantly caught Lalita’s attention. Her heart missed several beats. He, however, w [...]

Mother's irrepressible charm

Kulathu Iyer was taken aback at Princess Lalitamba's charm and disarming air of concern. He fell under the spell of it, like others, and found himself [...]


The people lining Main Street on either side craned their necks, between the horse guards stationed at intervals, striving to catch a glimpse of the t [...]

Dhanvantri Tradition of Healing

Even in modern times , this dhanvantric power has guided many great minds in their remarkable discoveries, both in the field of medicine as well as in [...]