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Introduction to the artist’s style

Rukmini Varma’s first show after 35 years was an affirmation of the artist’s rare status as India’s foremost woman painter in the Visionary Realism tradition. She herself refers to her style as Romantic Representative Realism, and is possibly the only Indian woman who paints in this style.

Academic Realism has been in existence for the last 450 years in Western art, where it has been well-known. In India it has been around for 100 or more years and our greatest modern painter Raja Ravi Varma was its most important exponent in the 19th century. Rukmini Varma, his great-great- granddaughter and also his successor in this regard, has been an exponent of Visionary Realism since she began painting from her childhood and perfected the art in the mid-1950s.

Rukmini Varma is the only woman artist who paints in this genre.

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